Alternatives to WebView

When it comes to creating a desktop app with a web frontend, there are many options
outside WebView.

See an extensive list of Electron alternatives here:

Don't Make a Desktop App

A good portion of WebView apps could have been much better as web apps or browser
extensions. Please consider this as you research what library is best for you.

Non HTML/CSS/JS Frameworks

Chances are, HTML/CSS/JS is not the right choice for your app, especially
if it's a tool (designed to do one thing). Using HTML/CSS/JS as your frontend
can be justified when your frontend is bigger than your backend.

Chrome/Chromium Rendering Backend

Using Chrome/Chromium as a web backend is very useful, since most people have it
installed, and know how to install it.


WebView Compatible Libraries



WebView doesn't officially support android, but it's not too hard to get a
webview up and running there.
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